Your bracelet lines can tell a lot about your prosperity, health and wealth. These lines are the minor lines located under the wrists and are also called the rascette lines.

Find your Lifespan

Check how many bracelets you have. Metaphysics knowledge says that they can tell about how long you can live.

  • If you notice that your 1st bracelet is continuous and not broken, but clearly marked, it means 23 to 28 years of life.
  • The 2nd line stands for 46 to 56 years of life.
  • The 3rd line says that you could live between 69 and 84 years.
  • The 4th line says that you may live for 84 or more years.

Interestingly, many people will not have the 4th bracelet. Most of the people will have 2 or 3 lines.

Relation Between the Bracelet Lines & Health

The first of your wrist line is considered to be the most important. If you have a clear line that is deep, it indicates physical strength and great health. If this bracelet is not clear and is formed in a poor way, it indicates that you are a careless and liberal person.

First bracelet could also be associated with some health problem.

Bracelets in Women – If your first bracelet line is curved upwards from the base of your palm or if you find it broken, it could mean that you have certain gynecological issues like uneven periods, problems with conceiving, or problems with giving birth.

Bracelets in Men – If the bracelet line is curved upwards from the base of your palm or it is seen to be broken, it could mean that you could have issues of the prostate, reproductive system or urinary system.

The 2nd bracelet line stands for prosperity, wealth and happiness in your life. This line is single, straight and doesn’t have any chain links or gaps.

The 3rd bracelet line stands for your name and fame. If you don’t see any gaps/chains and it is straight, it indicates that you are quite influential.

The 4th bracelet line is believed to be parallel to the 3rd line and helps in strengthening it.

Source: Just Natural Life