Ann Cameron, a famous author of children’s classic stories, went through a surgery for colon cancer, but that didn’t help because, by June 2012, the cancer had entered the fourth stage.  The complications of the cancer entering fourth stage directly meant that she had very less time on your hands despite any amount of procedures she went through. She had refused any type of chemotherapy after her surgery and after investigative procedures; the cancer had metastasized to her lungs. Ann, was familiar with the evil curse of cancer for a long time because she lost her husband to it in 2005, wasn’t ready to go down that easy. Her husband suffered from lung cancer back in those days and despite any amount of treatment with surgical or chemotherapeutic procedures, he couldn’t cope with the metastasis.

She started with a new regime that would include drinking the juice of 2.5 kilograms of carrots evenly throughout the day. She continued with this organic therapeutic regime for about 8 weeks and during this time, she wasn’t under any other treatment against cancer. After the course of the regime, she consulted her oncologist for more investigative procedures on her cancer. It was noted that the tumors had shrunk in size along with reduction in swelling and size of lymph nodes. Another 4 months on the same carrot juice regime, her lymph nodes came down to normal consistency showing no signs of inflammation and her cancer was definitely going away for the good. She continued the same course for 8 months until the cancer in her colon was gone for good.

The secret behind the success of this regime is that carrot juice is rich in healthy fatty acids, natural pesticides and has anti-oncogenic properties that help to reduce the cancer cells and return their physiology back to normal natured cells. Carrot juice therapy is definitely preferred over any modern medicine techniques because it reduces the amount of adverse drug effects and it doesn’t cause any kind of damage to the other system of the body.

Ann Cameron was famous for her work with children’s books, but her journey through cancer made her more famous than ever. She was not only patient with her prognosis, but she leads the way through an organic approach and that helped her get healthier and cancer free without any side effects of complicated procedures like chemotherapy and radiation.