It is well known that Lemon is very useful to humans. It has a lot of features that are very beneficial to our health and well-being. It has a unique scent; its flavor is also unique, and when added to drink or food, it gives the food a unique taste. It also keeps your heart healthy and cures bacterial and skin infections. This amazing mix will help you combat toxic smells, germs, and bacteria in your kitchen.


Slice lemon into four parts but not to the end so they won’t get disjointed. Sprinkle salt on the lemon slices and then leave it in your kitchen. It will then start its work of neutralizing stale and bad odors and give your kitchen a lovely smell of citrus.

Another amazing trick is to squeeze out juice from 3 lemons, then mix it with soap and a little water. This mixture can successfully cause a whole area to be disinfected.

Source: Healthy World Recipes