An article on why it is beneficial to put cut onions in socks became viral last year. The article received as many as 100,000 visitors on the article and even the images of the articles were used later by many other websites. The article was easily searched by just typing the topic on Google. Based on the same concept there is another article that will explain about why it is beneficial to keep cut onions on the nightstand or even at various other places of the house.

Today with increasing amount of pollution, even the air inside your house is not healthy and clean. This can cause a number of health issues and illness. If onions are sliced and placed on a bowl or a plate and kept at different places in or near the house, they extract all the bad toxins from the air. This leaves the environment in your house clean and free from any kind of toxins that were harmful for your health.

AS per, during the year 1918 – 1920, when millions of people were dying out of flue, there was one miracle that took place. Doctors were visiting the farmers to come up with a solution and they came up with one farmer family who were very much fit and healthy even when the whole environment was suffering of flu. When the doctors asked them the secret the wife of the farmer showed them about how she keeps peeled onion in different rooms of the house. Later one of those onions was studied under the microscope where the doctors found that the onion has absorbed all the bacteria from the air. This has kept the entire family free from infection of flu.

Also later on it was revealed the wife of the farmer also advised her hairdresser about the same remedy and the hairdresser also started keeping peeled onion near around the shop. Mary Jane, the hairdresser conveyed that this method kept her staffs healthy even during the flu season. She also remembered and shared that when she was a kid, her grandmother made her eat slice of onions with salt whenever she suffered from illness.

Onions have been one of the best things that one can have to get a healthy living. Putting onions in the socks can help you in getting good sleep by stimulating the blood circulation. Similarly, keeping peeled onions in the room can help in purifying the surrounding air, and hence keeping you away from toxins and pollutants.

Onions are rich in sulfuric compounds that are very much beneficial in purifying organs like liver and also in cleansing the blood. They also are rich in other nutrients such as minerals, Vitamin B and vitamin C. They are known for their antioxidant properties and hence are held very beneficial for the heart. It is a great way to have onions every day in the form of salads. Not only onions help through consuming them, but they can also act as antiseptic if they are applied externally. Leave a cut onion in your bedroom and this can provide you health benefits in a number of ways.

It is said that miners never bring in sandwiches that have onions. This is because they are aware of the fact that onions can absorb the toxins from the mines that can be harmful if consumed. Along with the toxins there can be also many airborne particles that can be severely harmful for human body.

You should also understand this that when you are keeping an onion in the room for soaking toxins, never ever think of using it in your diet, simply throw them off. The onions that have absorbed lots of toxins can be identified by their color as such onions will turn brownish due to oxidization method. So, use the trick and see the difference that you can experience in some days.

Source: Healthy Wild & Free