Dates. No, not the thing you do with your significant other, but date as in the healthiest fruit on the planet. It’s a food abundant in insoluble fiber, which is necessary for proper digestion. Dates can suppress your appetite and their one of the easier foods for the body to metabolize. Their abundance in a variety of nutrients make them the perfect ingredient in drinks and smoothies to help fight odd health diseases, and they can help percent strokes, heart attacks, and cancer, they can fight anemia, and regulate cholesterol levels.

Weight Loss

Dates are a powerful appetite suppressant, and as such are excellent for weight loss. They are full of nutrients as well, which helps speed along weight loss. However, dates are high in sugar, which if not consumed carefully, can actually lead to weight gain.

Food for Thought Phosphorous is good for better brain functioning. Dates are high in phosphorous. See the connection?

Treats Diarrhea

Dates are high in calcium, which is important when it comes to treating diarrhea. Dates also work miracles when it comes to refreshing gut flora, and eating them regularly can stimulate the growth of “good” bacteria in the intestines.

Loaded With Iron

Dates are a great source of iron, especially for those who suffer from anemia. 100g of dates have 0.90g of iron, or 11% of one’s daily recommended intake. Iron has a very important role in the body of helping move oxygen in the blood. Teenagers and pregnant mothers are usually the groups who need iron the most.

Good Eyesight

Dates are an excellent source of zeaxanthin and lutein, which are great for eyesight as they are known as “eyesight vitamins”. They can enhance your eyesight and protect the macula, which worsens with age, from damage. You can prevent vision loss eating dates!

Easy Labor

A study done by the Jordan University for Science and Technology showed that pregnant women who ate dates regularly for 4 weeks prior their due date had easier deliveries than those that did not. Furthermore, those that consumed dates were able to overcome postpartum depression easier and produce enough milk for their babies.

Increase Libido

Whether you’re a man or a woman you can eat dates to increase your libido. Soak a handful of dates overnight in goat’s milk. The next morning, mix the dates with a bit of cardamom, milk, and honey for an awesome libido boosting drink. Dates also make you feel more energized and strengthen your body.

Reducing Hypertension

Did you know consuming dates reduces hypertension? Dates are rich in calcium, and eating about 5 or 6 of them is equivalent to eating 80mg of magnesium, a mineral a lot of American lack. Magnesium is necessary mineral for blood vessel dilation. Studies have shown that taking 370mg of magnesium daily greatly lowers blood pressure.

Relieves Constipation

Dates promote healthy digestion. They help rid your body of toxins and are loaded in fiber. If you struggle with constipation, soak a handful of dates in water overnight. The juices they release while soaking form a powerful laxative that can move the bowels and their high fiber can help kick start the metabolism.

Prevents Stroke

Eating dates lowers your risk of stroke by a staggering 40%! Dates are loaded with potassium, which is great for keeping our nervous system healthy.

A Strong Heart

Those with a weak heart should eat dates every day as they are beneficial for those with heart conditions. Make a delicious date drink by soaking a handful of dates in water overnight and blending them together in the morning. You can soak quite a few overnight and drink them throughout the day.

Source: Health Online Central