For those of you that do not know, wisdom teeth are furthest back in your jaw, also known as the Third Molars. In fact, many of you have probably had some of their wisdom teeth extracted at a certain point in life. The fact is that dentists have always been telling us that these teeth are UNNECESSARY.

A research that can be found in the American Journal of Public Health suggests that more than 67% of the so-called ‘preventative’ wisdom teeth extractions are completely unjustified.

Furthermore, the fact is that the ancient tales of wisdom teeth as instigators of many serious diseases simply have no scientific background and, therefore, are not true. Actually, the truth is just the opposite – we DO need our wisdom teeth. They are connected to our entire body and live together with it. According to the meridian acupuncture system, wisdom teeth are on the same meridian as our pituitary gland as well as our small intestine. Therefore, when you extract a wisdom tooth, you unsettle the entire bodily system and nerve pathways.

Studies have shown that wisdom teeth removals are sometimes very hazardous, since they can lead to enduring tingling or numbness likely provoked by the disturbance of nerves. It involves serious risks and can even lead to sudden death, as was the case with a teenage girl from Maryland in 2011.

After all, we must ask ourselves is wisdom teeth surgery really WISE? Is it really necessary or is it just a dental industry’s hoax designed to bring them more money?