There are over 3000 skin problems that people experience daily and skin tags, moles, warts, age spots and blackheads are only a small part of it.

Due to the change of skin color or texture, inflammation, infections and allergic reactions can appear on any part of the body. Do not let this bother you as many skin conditions are treatable and you can always find a solution to the problem. What is important is knowing the healing properties of these common ingredients. Find what works best for and take care of your warts.

Natural cures for warts

As a result of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) on the skin, warts can appear. There are over 100 types which affect people differently, but most often it depends on individual immunity. The causes of this condition are not so harmful though, but some type of strains can be rather serious. And because they are caused by a virus, there is every tendency it can move to other parts of the body and even to other people. If youhave tried medical treatments without any positive result, perhaps it’s time to try these natural, home remedies.

Although, these cures are effective but it doesn’t mean your warts will vanish over night. It is however more helpful to use these home remedies than to leave a wart to vanish on its own, which usually can last up to several months or even years, and sometimes they may not even disappear if not attended to.

Although, it is possible for warts to disappear on their own but this will likely take up to 6 months, and there is every possibility they will return after some years they had first appeared. Children are most affected by this problem, because of their weak immunity.

List of natural ingredients:

Apple Cider Vinegar

One of the most effective ways to treat warts is by using apple cider vinegar It possesses anti inflammatory properties which helps to eliminate viruses and bacteria which are the main causes for warts. Before you apply apple cider vinegar, washthe supposed area and use a cotton ball to spread gently over the affected area. Then, place a bandage or duct tape over it and leave like that for a day. For instance, if you do this before going to bed,you can take off the bandage the following morning. With this treatment, yourwarts will disappear in a matter of weeks.


Garlic is another anti-septic and anti-inflammatory plant. Works well for warts removal. Mash up some garlic and apply on the affected area, place a bandage over it. Do this repeatedly, twice a day until your warts have completely disappeared.


Bananas too are so effective in warts removal. There are several articles on the Internet which talks about the benefits of banana peel.Report states that several people rubbed the inner surface of the banana peel over the warts, severally in a day and they were able to get rid of warts.

Pressing the inside of a banana peel over the wart and taping it before going to bed, can eliminate warts. When you take off the bandage in the morning, wash off the area. Just repeat these steps constantly until the wart starts to soften, and eventually disappear. This is usually between a week to a month.

Duct tape

Ducts have been scientifically proven to eliminate warts. According to a certain study, 61 patients with warts received either duct tape treatment or cryotherapy. After about 8 week, 85 % of people who received duct treatment had no warts at all, but only 60 percent of those with cryotherapy.

Applya small piece of duct tape over the affected affectedareas for 6 days, by changing the tape when necessary. At the end of 6 days, wash the warts with water and then rub it off with a pumice stone or an emery board. Repeat the process continuously until warts disappear.

Pure Raw Honey

New Zealand Organic Manuka honey is the best honey to use for warts elimination but if you can’t get this, any natural homemade honey would do. ManukaHoney is one of the best types of honey especially for its concentration of antibacterial properties. Unlike other kinds of honey, Mazuka honey is a stable honey that does not lose its benefits or potency no matter the temperature changes. Mostimportantly, it is a kind of “occlusion therapy” which reviles the wart of oxygen and completely eliminate it.

Ingredients: A teaspoon of raw honey


Apply a thick layer of honey to the wart and wrap it with a cloth, then leave it for a day by changing the bandage and reapplying honey daily. Dothese repeatedly until you see results.

Source: Healthy & Natural House