How would you react if somebody were to tell you that you should NOT make your bed after getting up in the morning? The fact is, if you make your bed as soon as you get up, the sheets on your bed will capture billions of dust mites inhabiting your bed and eating your dead skin and perspiration. If you have been wondering what causes your allergies, this might be it!

So, you should forget about your mother’s lessons and stop making your bed immediately after you wake up! Leaving the bed unmade will leave the bugs unprotected and in contact with fresh air and sunlight they will dehydrate and be no more. Dr. Pretlove elaborates that during sleep our dead skin and sweat are being spread all across the bed. Instead of making the bed and entrapping all of this along with these bugs, he suggests leaving it unmade for some time in order to dry out all of the unwanted inhabitants of our beds.

According to some studies, there may be up to one and a half million dust mites living in one’s bed! These mites are mostly harmful for their excretions that are known instigators of many allergies and even asthma. However, if you expose them to fresh air for as much as one day, you will feel a great relief since many of them will dehydrate and die. So, now you have a really good reason to leave your bed unmade!

Original Article Source: Prevent Disease