News that the incredible speed went around the world and giving hope to many people that is found a cure for those who suffer from cancer. Scientists from “QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute” in Queensland in Australia claims belongs to have found completely healthy and natural remedy that has been tested on patients suffering from various types of cancer.


These are miraculous berries which has only in the territory of northern Australia. This plant can be found under the name “Fontaine picrosperma”.

The research team was intrigued by the chance observation of animals that have eaten the berries, and so decided to carry out more detailed research and discover all the benefits of this plant.


The survey was conducted on the dog, who had a severe form of cancer, and favorable result is noticeable after only 15 days, when the tumor has withdrawn completely. However, scientists are fascinated by the observation that after only 5 minutes the changes are visible on the test animals.


There was also a case of cured women Martina Toso, who agreed to volunteer to test the effectiveness of the magical operation of the plant. She had melanoma skin after application of such therapy, the results showed that she was cured.

Fotos: FB – Fontainea Picrosperma