Finding worms in the park or garden can be quite irritating. However, can you imagine of worms crawling inside your brains? Well, this may appear terrifying but its true, claims a CNN report. People who have worms inside their head often feels that something is moving in their head, but they cannot see actually it is. Having worms inside the brain may even give you a feel of parasites moving not only inside brain but also inside the eyes.

According to the reports, the first case was identified in Britain where a man had tapeworm moving in his brain in the year 2013. Dr. Effrossyni GkraniaKlotsas while speaking to CNN said that the man had the worm moving from one side of his brain to the other side. This was actually quite strange as there are some rare species of this parasite, which makes such movements. He even reported that the tapeworm that affected the British man was named as Spirometra Erinaceieuropaei. This type of tapeworm is common in Asian countries like China, Thailand, Japan and South Korea. The man might have got it from there as he often used to visit these places.

The reports also indicated that the adult worm not just affect humans but also dogs or cats and can grow up to a size of 1.5 meters. It also affects pigs and humans who eat the infected pig can get these worms in their brain. While this sounds quite horrible, you may also like to know that there are three types of tapeworms that can affect humans and once they infiltrates the nervous system, the results can be disastrous. Dr. Theodore Nash in his report said that these types of worms affect approximately 5 million people every year and the condition in which pigs are farmed these days is mostly responsible for the worm infestation.

Source: Health Advice Team