Do you know these facts that when you have menstruation you should not do certain things. There are some things you should do during the period. Studies say that some women faces severe troubles, while some women do not face any problem. During this period, they may feel pain and discomfort in the body.

Unprotected Sex

When you are in menstruation, there are many chances of getting an infection. That is why, you should avoid having intercourse during this period.

Never Skip Meals

When you are in period, do not skip your meals. You have to take plenty of water and food in order to get energy to your body.

Stay Away From Physical Work

During this period, you might suffer from back and stomach pain. So it is better to avoid doing any kind of physical work in order to prevent worsening of the pain.

Do not do the following things:

Eat Fast Food

During this time, you should avoid eating fast food. Because your stomach will feel stressed after eating that Whopper and greasy fries. Eat your favorite foods during this time, but do not overeat and do not take unhealthy foods.


Even though it is not possible to skip work during this time, skipping work will provide you the better results. Reduce the work as possible as you can.

Stay Up All Night

The best thing you can do normally is to go to bed early. If you do not get sleep, try getting sleep by listening music.

Extra Tips:

1) During this period, avoid drinking ice water as it may contribute to menstrual blood remaining in the uterine wall, which can lead to cysts and cancer RAHIM later in life, five to ten years later.

2) Do not consume soda water as well.

3) Avoid using cucumbers as they contain a substance that can cause retention of some liquid in the uterus walls.

Source: Cuisine And Health