Liver is such an important organ of our body. Liver functions itself in a critical way and interconnected with the functioning of several other parts of the body. It purifies blood, by eliminating toxins & others impurities, and assists in recovery of blood as well. Apart from this it also aid in the digestion process. A healthy liver paves way to a strong and healthy body, which in turn improves our overall mood.

So it’s very important that we take care of our liver. This can be done by cleaning it.

The recipe is simple; a spoon of olive oil mixed with a spoon of lemon juice, on an empty stomach everyday of the week. Have this recipe a few hours before your breakfast and you will feel the difference in a matter of few weeks.

What are the benefits?

  • Improved appearance
  • Clear skin
  • Removal of Dark Circles
  • An overall younger self
  • Improvement in the intestinal functions
  • Prevention of constipation, gas and other digestive problems
  • Bounds of energy

The secret is that olive oil helps to open up live and the canals from which bile flows out. Bile juice which is secreted in the liver is critical to the digestion process and also improve the functions of the intestine.

And as always, lemon offers several health benefits. It’s a well-known source of Vitamin C and it also purifies blood vessels and removes cholesterol, which cleans up the live.

So serve up this magic potion and improve your liver & pave way for a long life.

Source: Natural Health Care For You