A lot of people mix up the phrase core and believe it is similar to abs, but they share no similarity. The core is a wider term and has to do with the glutes, abs, muscles, hips and the lower back.

In essence, core training will enhance the posture of the body, advance your athletic prowess, relieve pain in the lower back and aid you in preventing injuries.

The exercise plans below will do wonders for your belly fat and body.

The first aspect has to do with three straightforward tasks and only five minutes will be required in doing them. For individuals that are more energetic, repeat these;

Day 1

–    Exercise 1: Skyscrapers – 10 for each side

–    Exercise 2: Windshield Wipers – 10 for each side

–    Exercise 3: Army crawls of 36 steps

Day 2

For the next day, the plan is made of 4 moves which are challenging and would require just 5 minutes to carry out. The set should be repeated more than once for those who are energetic.

–    Exercise 1: Break dancer should be 15 for each flank

–    Exercise 2: Skydiver should be held for at least 20 seconds

–    Exercise 3: Dead Bugs should include ten reps

–    Exercise 4: Thread the Needle should be 10 for each flank

Day 3

On this day, core exercises which are highly tedious will have to be performed in a quick circuit of 6 minutes.

–    Exercise 1: Crab kicks into Superman should be 6 for each flank

–    Exercise 2: Star leg raise should be 10 per flank

–    Exercise 3: Side V-ups of 10 for each flank

–    Exercise 4: Over/under should be 10 for each flank

Source: Healthy Food Tips & Tricks