There are so many functions attributed to the spine including upright positioning, weight support, nerves and spinal cord protection. As a result, it is a delicate structure that requires much attention. There is need to care properly for your back to prevent back ache and injury and also to keep your back and spine in good health condition.

If you are the type that seats for a long time in a position either in the office, home or car, you are at high risk of having back ache and injury to your spine.

The video below will show you tips that will help you prevent this and also help you in treating any existing back pain.

Many factors are responsible for injury to the spine and back pain. Further complications with your muscles, bones, discs and joints can result if the cause is sitting for a long time.

One of the best ways to treat back pain is exercise. In the video below, a yoga instructor will give you useful exercises that will help you in treatment your back ache and other pains relate to the back and spine.

You will be amazed of the effects of these exercises that do not last more than 2 minutes. In this video, he tells you the effect of hamstring stretching in the treatment of pain in the back and spine.

The only needed for these exercises is just a strap. In a situation where there is no strap, a big towel or cloth would suffice. Always remember and follow the breathing technique explained in the video by the yoga instructor. For your body to be relax and free from tension, you need to breath properly.

Doing these exercises that do not last more than 2 minutes daily will help improve the health of your back and spine and also treat your existing back pain.

Source: Be Extra Healthy Now