Have you ever thought that what the smell of your fart signifies? There are various questions on the same. Why the fart smells bad, is the odor bad or unbearable, or odorless, is your fart a noisy one or a smelly one? The most important question is, is the fart associated with health issues?

Do you fart a lot? What are the causes of your fart?

Farting in the public can really be embarrassing and people tend to avoid farting in public. Now why is farting really caused? Farting is caused due to flatulence which is the result of food allergies to lactose that causes bloating or air in the stomach.

There are a number of people who fart really hard because of constipation problems. Women also fart a lot and feel bloated during their periods. Micro flora changes can cause farting as well.

What are the benefits of farting?

Did you know that it is good for the body to fart? Many of the food we eat are known to be healthy for our body as well as blood circulation like foods rich in fiber. However fiber rich food causes more flatulence. These food are though good in nutritional value as well. Some people also believe that farts with smell have a lot of benefits. Fart produces hydrogen sulphide that helps in protecting against cancer as well as other health issues. Fart is generally made up of hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and much more.

IBS or Irritable bowel syndrome can also be a cause of excessive fart and need to be treated accordingly.

What the smell signifies?

Some of the fart smells odorless. The smell of fart depends on the food that we consume on a regular basis. Vegetable in the cruciferous family usually cause smelly farts. Sometimes a really stinky smelling fart may be the underlying cause of a health issue.

What causes fart

Farts are made with a combination of gases where Nitrogen plays the most important role. The other accompanying gases are carbon dioxide, oxygen, methane, and hydrogen. A  Fart is usually smelly when gases like hydrogen sulfide, methanethiol, and dimethyl sulfide are present in amalgamation.

Control your flatulence

In most of the cases a fart does not need to be worried about as it is a normal part of life. Excessive fart and smelly can indicate that there may be a problem with your health or maybe the stomach is not able to digest the food intake. In case you want to control your fart. Look at what you are eating. Avoid vegetables like beans, radish, cauliflower and cabbages. Also try and avoid food that contains lactose like milk as well as dairy products.

Reducing flatulence

Flatulence can be reduced in a number of ways as farting is not considered to be good as a regular part of your life style. Peppermint helps in reducing fart for people who have excessive amount of IBS.There are a variety of healthy bacteria as well as bad bacteria that are present in the body. Healthy bacteria provide the body with probiotics that can help in improving the digestive system of the body. Healthy intake of food along with exercise can also help to reduce flatulence in the body. It is thus important to eat well, drink enough amount of water and lead a healthy life style that will help you to reduce flatulence by a great deal.

Source: positivemed.com