The problem of poor circulation can be solved with stretching exercises which require 15 to 20 minutes a day. It’s a good workout for all blood vessels, because it helps the mechanism of their expansion and contraction.

Whenever you have free time, you can do stretching exercises and push-ups at home, or to ride a bike outside, or to swim at the pool for one school hour. Also, you don’t have to spend hours in the same position at work: stand up and walk, bend forward, rotate the feet while sitting if you feel pain in your feet.

Try and get a routine after getting up in the morning to become a five-minute massage of acupuncture points. Primarily earlobes, of which it should start, then go to the earlobe, and the finished joints and leaves. Experts recommend a number of exercises that will significantly improve the circulation and the body to maintain the tone and shape.

Don’t get out of bed in the morning immediately after waking up, because stretching is the first thing you should do. Stretch good your arms and legs.

Start making circular movements with hands to work out the joints. While standing, lift up on your toes and come down on your heels, to the feeling that the muscles are tightened. Repeat this at least ten times.

Turn your head to the left, then to the right count of 10. After that, roll the head and finish the exercise by lowering your head until it touches the chest. If you feel and hear the crackling in the neck do not worry, it’s a sign that you are doing the exercises properly and that you stretch the neck ligaments successfully.

Do a set of 10 pushups before the morning shower. It will give you the strength needed during the day.

Alternately lifting toes-heel exercise is good for pumping blood to the feet when you feel numbness, tingling or pain in the legs. Sit with your knees at an angle of 90 degrees to the floor. Then lift your fingers from the floor while holding the heel on the floor. Then lower back to the floor. Repeat the exercise with one leg and then with the other leg, and then try to work with both legs at the same time, to finally complete the exercise by swinging the heel to the toes.

While sitting on a chair, rotate the foot in a clockwise direction 10 times. This will increase the flexibility and blood flow to the legs. You will immediately feel the improvement of blood circulation and leg flexibility.

Stretch and spread your fingers. Make a fist and hold that position for a few seconds, then, once again spread your fingers. This will prevent cramping and allow better circulation. Now loosen your joint and rotate your hand in a circular motion from the shoulder, for about one minute.

Walking is one of the best exercises for circulation. Walking makes the leg muscles tighten and relax and thus pumping blood throughout the body. Walking is the easiest form of exercise, which also lowers the blood pressure. Start with short walks, two or three times a week.

Swimming is low impact on your joints and it is useful and easy for the body because it is an exercise with no load. By swimming works the whole body and improves the flow of oxygen to the heart and lungs. People of all ages and levels of fitness can swim, as well as those who suffer from pain in muscles and joints.

Yoga requires controlled breathing and this type of breathing increases the oxygen concentration in the blood, helps blood flow to the muscles and improves circulation.

Cycling is great for improving blood circulation in the lower body. Dancing may not be a daily exercise, but is great for improving circulation throughout the body.