Are you suffering from insomnia? Do not worry! We have come up with an effective method for insomnia. Fatigue and anxiety result with insomnia.

Let us take a live example, a girl who was suffering from this problem asked a man, who gives meditation classes for an advice. He asked her to lie in a supine position and close her eyes.

He further asked her to take a deep breathe through the nose and breathe out for 4 seconds. In order to carry out the procedure, she holds the air for 7 seconds and started to exhale the air through the mouth slowly for 8 seconds.

She implemented the breathing process and could not count the seconds as it helps to reduce the heart rate and relive the body.

Although it is strange, it is very effective to carry out. It is good for people who are worried, anxious, stressed. The breathing becomes shorter and faster when the levels of adrenaline in the blood are increasing. It works as a sedative.

This procedure also provides relief due to the counting and the focusing on the breathing. Your nervous system will get relief slowly and your pain feeling kicks off. This procedure looks like for anesthesia by its speed and strength.

Andrew Weil, a doctor of medical sciences at Harvard University had studied this method and he found that it has been used by the Indian yoga masters for a long time and was used in for complete relaxation.

You can try this kind of technique, if you feel that you are stressed. You will definitely feel the benefits of this method. Apply this technique twice a day in order to learn it well and use it always when you will need it.

Source: Healthy Food Team