One of the most commonly used item in the kitchen is the aluminum foil which was developed in early 1900s. it is used for various purposes including wrapping, cooking and treatment of some general health problems.

However, the neurotoxic nature of this kitchen item is the main issue because it affects the function of the brain and also initiate the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Some of the effects of exposure to this metal include loss of balance, control of the body, memory and coordination as stated by medical expert.

In addition, researchers have discovered that when you cook with aluminum foil, there is a negative effect on your bones as result of accumulation of the metal in the bones removing calcium which is needed for proper bone health in the process. It was also discovered that pulmonary fibrosis and other respiratory problems could be caused by this metal.

When cooking with this metal, the heat transfers some of the metal to the food. if peradventure these little particles are not discharge, the addition of certain lemons and spices may result in aluminum leaching.

A research was done by Essam Zubaidy a chemical engineering researcher in the American University of Sharjah on the effects of cooking with aluminum. He discovered that meals cooked with aluminum may end up containing about 400 mg of aluminum.

Temperature is directly proportional to leaching. Aluminum foil is not a good cooking item and is not also good for the storage of vegetables like spices, tomatoes or citrus juice,” according to him.

Finally, despite the fact that this kitchen item is cheaper to get and helps to cook meals that taste nice, it really has a bad effect on your brain, bones and lastly your lungs. So it is advisable to stop cooking with aluminum foil to prevent the occurrence of bones, lungs and brain-related issues.

Source: Best Healthy Guide