Onion has always been known as an effective germ and bacteria killer. It has also been used for its skin cleansing benefits. It has phosphoric acid that offers many benefits. This homemade remedy will help you in improving your thyroid glands’ functioning.

There is this Russian doctor who found the best thyroid gland remedy and red onion is the active ingredient in it. His name is Dr. Igor Knjazkin and he is from St. Petersburg.

How to use red onion?

This remedy must be used before you go to bed.

  • Cut red onion into two
  • Massage your neck in gentle circular motions using these two cut halves
  • Massage more in the area of the neck where your thyroid glands are
  • Make sure that you don’t wash your neck. Leave it as such overnight for the onion’s juice to stimulate your thyroid gland.

It will work through the night and boost your thyroid glands’ health.

Source: Healthy Food Team