Head lice are a very important problem for many people, especially for those who are trying to grow their hair. This problem afflicts women more than men.

As a general rule, most traditional remedies for lice either require you to shave bald, or they require ironing your hair to pop the lice. Both solutions are impossible to execute by females. The first solution goes against societal expectations of women (requiring long hair). Cutting hair would make most women feel insecure. The second solution require heat to touch hair, which may not be suitable for all hair types.

Additionally, you have the problem of kids when trying to remove lice. Most children may also feel insecure about shaving their heads bald, especially if they perceive that their peers will mock them.

Finally, your remedial methods for combatting lice are either too expensive, or require too much time to implement. That’s not something you need, especially with the speed at which lice tends to infest people’s hairs.

Thus, a more effective and remedial solution is required to combat those problems. This solution will be listed for you below.

Remedy with some conventional ingredients:

You will need white vinegar, a lice comb, plastic bags, mouth wash, and some towels.


Start by washing the heads of those inflicted with lice. Wash it with mouthwash, then cover the head with the plastic bag you brought along. Leave the plastic bag for 60 minutes before removing it.

After removal, proceed to wash the afflicter’s hair with vinegar, and then add the plastic bag on again for around another 60 minutes.

Then, remove the plastic bag, and go back to shampooing for wash, before removing everything with a lice comb.

The main reason why the previous remedy works, is because of the repulsion process of the ingredients. To start, lice is highly intolerant to the smell of mouthwash. Similarly, eggs of lice are quickly killed by the vinegar. This ensures that the lice get away, while stopping the infestation.