Some argue that harm the enamel, others that the floss is the only way to thoroughly clean the teeth … Who to believe?

If you thought that a toothbrush can thoroughly clean the mouth, you are wrong. Brush cannot possibly reach areas between teeth, so you need the floss.

Flossing prevents tooth decay, inflammation of the gums and tartar build-up. When we talk about diseases of the gums and preventing tooth loss using the floss is more important than using a toothbrush. Flossing not only cleans out food between teeth, but also the tartar, the layer composed of components of saliva and bacteria, which are normally produced in all tooth surfaces, including between your teeth.

It is the tartar that, if long enough standing on one surface, causing tooth decay, gum inflammation, disease fibers that hold teeth and, in the end – tooth loss. Using dental floss is the only way to remove tartar from teeth.