Do you face from pain in the heel during the mornings or even when you stand for some time? If so then you must have having trouble with your Plantar Fascia. Surely, many of you must have heard of this term before. This is mainly the ligament this connects your foot to the heels. It is said that almost half of the Americans suffer from such pain in the foot and this pain is often termed as planter fasciitis.

Some of the very common reasons for the pain are weight gain and movement in the same motion for long. Such issues cause inflammation in your heels that leads to pain. Some of the common patients facing such condition are the pregnant women and also the athletes. Though sometimes you cannot avoid the condition to happen but of course there are some treatments that you can surely go for.

Treatments for the condition

Applying ointments and other remedies must have tired you but still the pain does not go. You can try out some stretching exercises.

Seating Exercises

These are some simple to use exercises that you can sit and perform.

  • Try rolling your foot in round motion as if you are moving it around a bottle.
  • You can also try crossing your leg and then trying to pull your toe on your other leg upward. Try doing this same exercising thrice with both toes for 15 seconds each.
  • Wrap a towel under your foot arch and then pull it in such way that the foot stretched in front of you. Try doing this also thrice for both the feet.

Calf Stretches

If you the seating exercises are not enough, then you can try out the calf stretches also where you can get your leg extended in lunge position for about 30 seconds and then relax. Try doing this exercise thrice for each leg.

Prevention from the condition

Stretching can be a remedy to treat the pain. But if preventive actions are taken since before, then such issues may not affect you.

Proper weight

It is noticed that maximum times, the condition happens due to increased amount of weight in the body. Try to maintain a proper weight and toned down feet.

Regular exercising

Exercising regularly will not only help you in maintaining your body weight but also in keeping your ligaments healthy and stretchable.

Proper shoes

One of the main reasons also is ignorance towards your feet. Try not to walk bare footed at rough places. Also be very particular about the shoes that should be proper and comfortable.

Proper rest

Your feet have your entire body weight on it. It should thus have proper rest too. At times you can go for hot water spa or an oil massage. Try not to be in a same position such as walking or standing for a long time.

Warm up sessions

Warm up is important before extensive exercises. This is because sudden stress of exercises can lead to injury. Warm up sessions prepares your body for the stress.

If you do not have proper feet, you may have to face a number of issues. If you are suffering from condition of plantar fasciitis since long, it is important to go for a medical expert.

Source: Super Tasty Recipes