It is not necessary if you are looking for a succulent vegetable, herb or leaf to mix with your juice formulas. There is something totally new that you can try. We suggest you should absolutely add papaya leaf juice. Because little people usually feed on the leaves of papaya, adding juice to it is a way of promoting the incredible health benefits. Different research studies have discovered that the papaya leaves contains phytonutrient compounds which act a synergy to display the strong antioxidant and immune thereby promoting the impact in the bloodstream. The positive biological effects are usually caused by the alkaloids, papain and the phenolic compounds. The two biological active enzymes of papaya components are chymopapain and papain. They help to promote the digestion of proteins and are extensively used for treating digestive disorders, indigestion and bloating. Also, the alkaloid compounds such as pseudocarpaine, dehydrocarpaine and carpaine display the chemo-preventive effects.

You should also be aware that the isolated pure alkaloids and their synthetic derivatives serve as basic medicinal instruments because they contain the analgesic, bacterial and antispasmodic components. The phenol compounds such as quercetin, caffeic acid, kaempferol and chlorogenic display strong antioxidant effect. The leaves of papaya are also rich in minerals such as the magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, manganese and iron.

Papaya Leaf Juice – Health Benefits:

There are a lot of health benefits that you many want to try papaya leaf juice, and here are a few lists of the incredible things it can do.

Blood platelet production

It helps to keep the blood platelet high most especially after a serious illness. According to the research in Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine, the leaves of papaya juice helps to increase the production of the blood platelet.

Liver support

The leaves of papaya juice also help to treat liver diseases which include liver cancer, cirrhosis, and jaundice.

Prevent diseases

The leaves of papaya contain a mixture called acetogenin which can cure malaria, cancer and dengue fever. This will strengthen your immune system and protect your body against bacteria and viruses.

Boosts your energy levels

Daily drinking of papaya leaves juice helps to increase your energy and helps you to fight against chronic fatigue

Supports the digestive system

The leaves of papaya contain chymopapain, papain, amylase and protease enzymes which help to digest protein, carbs and aid digestion in your body. Generally, people with problems of digestion can benefit from the juice and also help them to control their digestive system; this juice can also cure the inflammation of your stomach lining and the peptic ulcers by removing bacteria like H.Pylori. The soothing and curing process can also decrease colon inflammation mainly caused by IBD.

Relieve inflammation

The leaves of papaya juice serve as anti-inflammatory components which help to decrease the inflammation in your body and prevent inflammatory disorders.

Regulate inflammation

Consuming the leaves of papaya juice will regulate your menstruation cycle and decrease PMS symptoms.

Protects your cardiovascular health

The juice contain a potent antioxidants which help to increase your immune system, protect the health of your heart and expand your vessels

Naturally, lowers your blood sugar levels

The leaves of papaya juice help to control the level of sugar in your blood and improve the sensitivity of the insulin. The antioxidants can also reduce the minor problems of diabetes such as kidney damage, fatty liver and can also decrease the oxidative stress as well.

According to the professionals, there are several ways to consume papaya leaf juice.

Generally, it is simple to produce papaya leaf juice if you have a juicer. Firstly, you can put the pure leaves inside your juicer so as to extract the juice. It is very easy, store some of the juice in a little container in the fridge and make sure you drink it between 4-5 days. You can also decide to mix it with your normal juice for it to be more edible. In the absence of juicer, you can use a blender. Try and mash about 10 leaves of the papaya and put them in your blender with a bowl of clean drinking water. Ensure you mix the leaves together and squeeze out the juice using muslin cloth or cheese. When drinking the papaya leave juice always be careful, because the leaves of papaya juice are extremely effective and not sweet. You can begin with one teaspoon daily and work up to a maximum of two teaspoons daily after sometimes, if you are taking it for healing purpose.

You can also prepare a tea mixture. Firstly, you start by mixing two liters of water (between two quarts) together with a 10 medium-to-large leaves. You then boil the leaves in the water until it decreases to about half of the initial quantity. Let it cool, after you can drink the solution in small quantity as needed. You can store tea mixture in the fridge for about 5days, but try and consume it when it is still fresh so as to benefit from its nutrients. You can also consume the extract from the leaves. According to the professionals, the extracts from the papaya leaves are available as tea leaves, tincture. and capsules. Finally, papaya are usually GMO in the U.S, make sure you choose organic extracts and non-GMO. You can buy your quality papaya leaf extract here.

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