Diet is very important for losing belly fat.

If you want to have a flat and healthy looking belly, you have to work out in the gym. However, you need to follow a great diet schedule. Your diet plays a major role on how your abs looks like.

You have to take utmost care on your body, if you want to make your belly to look good. The recipe used here is extremely beneficial for giving the shape to your abdominal muscles.

If you take it daily, you can surely reshape your belly. It is highly effective as well as easy to prepare. It takes less amount of time to prepare. This recipe is the best way to start a healthy and well-balanced diet.

How to prepare:

  1. Take a group of fresh parsley and mix together in a food processor.
  2. Squeeze lemon juice and add it to the parsley.
  3. Now, add half a cup of water in the mixture and mingle for a few more seconds.

This mixture shows its results fastly and you will be able to see the first results in only 2-3 days. Parsley consists of vitamins that are crucial for proper digestion. On the other hand, lemons help to reduce fat. Besides reshaping your belly, this mixture will help to improve metabolism.

For best possible results, you should take this drink on an empty stomach for 5 days every morning. After 10 days, repeat the process.

Other drinks you can consider

Here is the list of beneficial refreshing beverages that you should include into your diet to improve the weight loss process.

Flavoured Water:

Cut different fruits and vegetables and put them in a mug. Fill that mug with cold water. This will enrich with numerous vitamins to your body.

Green tea: 

Drinking freshly-brewed cold green tea will extensively improve your digestion and reduce belly fat. You can add honey to sweeten it up.

Watermelon smoothie:

Watermelon is one of the best smoothie ingredients as it consists of large quantity of water. Combine water melon with ice and yoghurt to make the perfect smoothie.

Note: Patience and hard work is needed to gain perfect belly. Consume healthy diet and the parsley lemon juice in order to get better results in less time.