It is no secret that most people like drinking cold water during the summer months. However you should know that drinking very cold water can be very dangerous for you as it affects the heart. Let us look at some of the disadvantages of drinking cold water from the freezer.

Extreme cold eater can have a negative effect on your digestive system and canals that carry blood contract quite a bit. The cold water tends to slow down the process of digestion in the body and so our body is unable to extract the nutrition from the food that we have eaten.

Ice cold water can trigger a nasty heart attack; cold water is also known to lower the heart beat. The muscles in the heart usually receive a shock when we drink very cold water. You have to understand that the heart helps the body to function and so we have to keep in good shape.

Our bodies maintain a steady temperature of 37 degrees and so if you drink very cold water your body will need to use a lot of energy to convert th cold water into hot water. Since your body will use up all the energy in doing this there will be none left to use for digestion, hence the food that we eat will be unable to supply the required nutrition. The neck area also gets affected by drinking cold water as extreme cold water shocks the muscles on the neck.