Today diabetes has become a common disease that is affecting almost one person among every 29 people in America and also in different countries. People think that they are well aware of the conditions of diabetes and the ways of how to prevent it. Medical experts also claim that it is a blood related issue and some of the main symptoms are blurry vision, excessive thirst and many more. Most of the people believe that maintaining a healthy diet can prevent you from getting affected by diabetes. But in fact there can be some truths about diabetes that is much more that what you and your medical expert know.

There are some new symptoms that are not known by many people and this is the reason at many times many people fail to detect the disease. If you get diabetes, you need to change the whole of your lifestyle. So, people prefer to make a slight change in their present lifestyle so that they can stay prevented from the disease. There are some surprising symptoms also that can help you in detecting diabetes.

1. Itchy skin

Many people have dry skin for which they use a number of moisturizers and creams. But if using of such remedies do not help in treating your dry skin and it leads to itching, then you should consult your doctor and should check your blood sugar.

2. Worse changes in the skin

This is quite normal that the skin changes as you age. But if you are noticing some abnormal signs such as black patches on some areas such as back, neck and elbows, then this can be a symptom for diabetes.

The condition when your skin starts getting such changes, it is called acanthosis nigrican where the increased sugar in your blood affects the melanin that is responsible for the development of your skin cells.

Along with taking precaution for the coming sugar, the dark patches can be treated with various medicines prescribes by the dermatologists.

3. Change in hearing

It is quite common and normal that with increasing age, you may have hearing issues. But if you have still not stepped the old age and are confronting with such issues then this is not normal. If you are facing such an issue, then in place of trying to hear forcefully, get in touch with the doctor and have a check of blood sugar. It is said that the increased amount of sugar in the blood destroys the nerves and blood vessels in your ear that causes such hearing issues.

4. Improvement in the eyesight

Though many people know that blurred eye visions are the signs of diabetes, but sometimes an improvement noticed in your eye sight can also be a symptom. If you have to put down your glasses and you are able to read the newspaper with your naked eyes, then once have a blood sugar test.

This is because high levels of sugar in blood can cause changes in the fluids of yours eyes. In maximum cases it can be bad and hence you may get blurred sights, but also there are cases when your eye fluids are affected in a good way and your eye sight improves. Hence, whether it is in a good way or a bad way, the best is to have a check with the doctor.

It is quite normal that when a disease has become so much common, that people start thinking that they know almost everything about it. But diseases can have different effects and impacts on different people.

So, if you think that you are facing any of such symptoms, then go for a blood sugar test once. It is not always necessary that you will come up with a high blood sugar in your body, but it is always a better idea to stay alert of any disease beforehand.

Source: The Hearty Soul