Ovarian cysts are likely to happen at any specific age during the reproductive years of a woman. They are generally formed when small eggs accumulate due to high levels of hormone. They are sometimes small, and often, big wall-like sacs present within the female ovaries.

Polycystic ovary has turned out to be a common ailment and it affects women across the globe. In this condition, a series of cysts are present in the female ovary. So, if proper treatment is not meted at the right moment, although harmless, these cysts can inflate in size. To stop them from growing, the first step initiated would be to immediately bring down the level of hormones.


Licorice helps in maintaining a proper hormonal balance due to a series of healing properties. It can buck up the function of your adrenal glands and can also effectively treat ovarian cysts. Due to this reason, it is deemed as one of the safest treatments of these cysts.

Using licorice for your ovarian cysts

In order to use licorice for your cysts, get some water to boil for the first five minutes. Right after that, keep it for a couple pg minutes (around 6-7). Start straining the liquid as soon as it is cooled, and get with drinking it twice, on a daily basis.


Almost every kind of gynecological issue can be treated with this effective and potent herb. It aids the ovarian cysts to shrink in their size, renders relief from pelvic issues and controls the flow of menstruation. Chasteberry is rich in diterpenes which further reduces the scope of the production of the gestrogen hormone from brain, which effectively maintains a proper hormonal balance.

Source: Family Health Freedom Network