This onion is cherished and hated, yet without a doubt very healthy. It should be consumed raw since cooking it will lose its benefits. It can be combined in various ways and furthermore consumed as side meal.

These are its 7 benefits:

  1. Stops growth of cancer

Onion is rich in sulfur that guard you from cancer and ulcers, and UTImicroorganisms as well.

  1. Controlling diabetes

Raw onion produces more insulin. Eat raw and fresh if you have diabetes

  1. Curing constipation

Contains fibers for metabolism and toxin extermination.

  1. For sore throat

The juice from the onion was utilized as a part of traditional prescription for throat soreness and colds.

  1. Nosebleeds

Alleviate nosebleeds by smelling this onion.

  1. Safe heart

Onions protect the heart from ailments and hypertension.

  1. Controlled cholesterol

Control and lessen the awful LDL cholesterol now and later on.

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