Havent we all dreaded seeing a pot belly in front of the mirror? Don’t we just hate the idea of having unwanted body fat, especially around the stomach? Experts have suggested that fat can easily be eliminated from your body if you eat a good breakfast. Breakfast is not just the first meal of the day but also an important one. When you eat your breakfast, you actually breaking a fast after a long sleep.

In a study, a group of 36 men and women were split into groups of three. They were given specific breakfast diets in order to notice the changes. Group A was given oatmeal, Group B ate cornflakes and Group C drank water instead of breakfast. After a while, the blood pressure and the level of insulin were checked and a few observations were made. The study concluded that people who oatmeal were the healthiest while the others who skipped were bad at staying fit.

Oatmeal contains enough fiber and it can help you stay light and full. People who stick to eating oatmeal for breakfast tend to eat at least 31% lesser than those who have cornflakes. Though cornflakes are ideal; eating it for breakfast made the team hungry in less than three hours. This was the same number for the team that drank water.

What should you eat with oats?

Oats should be taken in either pulp or flakes. It could also be added to your salad. Desserts made with oats are tasty, healthy and ideal for weight loss.

Lowers cholesterol levels

Oats is full of nutrition. It contains iron, fiber and lowers cholesterol easily. Oatmeal can be eaten as a part of your meals as it will break down the food faster and boost the digestive process easily.

Makes you less prone to heart attacks

It is true that people who often include oatmeal in their diet actually make themselves less prone to cancer and heart attack.

Good for blood pressure patients

Lignin is a vegetable fiber found in oats which could act as a light remedy in order to reduce blood pressure. By taking lignin regularly you can lower the blood pressure to thirty percent.

Helps you lose weight

Most importantly, oats will stimulate digestion and help you lose weight fast. You can look slim within a months time by eating oats.

Source: Your Healthy Page