In most cases, excessive eating is the reason that causes bloating and you may end up doubling over in pain. You may have a very balanced diet usually, but a holiday season can ruin your diet and gut.

Certain food and drinks can give you relief from your troubles and help you get your digestion and energy back to your healthy state. Some of them have been shared by nutritionists Jessica Levinson of Nutritioulicious and Gina Hassick of Eating well with Gina.


Keep drinking little bit of water throughout the day. You will feel hydrated and relieved from gas-induced bloating. It will also help in digestion and remove all toxins from your body.

Green tea:

Rich in antioxidants, this tea is known to stabilize blood sugar and improves your immune system. It also reduces food cravings. Having it early in the morning can prevent cell damage. Remember to sip on it especially if you have had too much alcohol or sweets.

Yogurt and Berries:

Have a light breakfast the next morning. It is important to maintain a good metabolism. Hassick suggests you to have Greek yogurt topped with berries. The beneficial bacteria, lactobacillus, of yogurt reduce gut inflammation.

Ginger or peppermint tea:

Ginger and peppermint tea relieves gas in your stomach by relaxing the muscles. They are antispasmodic and can relieve stomach pains. They are highly recommended for bloating or stomach cramps. As an advantage, they don’t contain caffeine.

Egg and vegetable omelet:

Vegetables are rich in fiber and reduce bloating.  They also improve digestion. The amino acid cysteine of the egg removes toxins by breaking them down from alcohol (acetaldehyde). They can then be removed from your system via urine. Avoid high fat food like cheese and bacon as they can lead to more bloating and cramping.


Oatmeal along with pears is considered to be better than eggs and yogurt because they are light on the stomach. Very rich in fiber, they should definitely be consumed after excessive drinking and binging on junk food.

Water- rich fruits:

Fibrous fruits which have a large quantity of fluids in them should be taken. Some of them are oranges, peaches, grapefruit, raspberries and cantaloupe. They have plenty of vitamins and minerals and will definitely hydrate you. They also improve digestion.

Source: The Science Of Eating