If you are suffering from headache, cough, stuffy nose, fever, itchy eyes, muscle aches, and sore throat, well these are some of the symptoms of colds. Although Americans used to spend dollars in visiting their doctors annually, still there is no proven cure for common colds.

Cold is described as an infection in the upper respiratory caused by multiple viruses in the surroundings. Unfortunately, these viruses are not yet wipe out by scientists. Therefore, your body must depend on its natural fortification. During cold, it is expected that viruses will penetrate the mucous layer of your nose as well as your throat that may harm the cells. Viruses will make some holes in your cell membrane thus the viral genetic will be allowed to enter the entire cells. These harmful chemicals can be harmful to your immune system. As a counterattack, your body will try to fight the viruses with its heavy artillery.  The symptoms of cold are actually the body’s way or natural response on it.

Fortunately, there are some home remedies that you can do incase your doctor is not around.

  1. Drink Fluids

Nevertheless, there are home remedies that can make a patient more comfortable and help the body heal faster. Drinking plenty of fluid can be your first remedy. Fluids can aid to make the mucus thin, thus if you keep it freely, it will help you body to expel together with the other particles in it. Liquids or water is best in combating dehydration. Drinking water or fluid every two hours is necessary.

  1. Take a Rest

Doctors agree on this matter. They believed that extra rest helps a patient suffering from a cold. It only means that you should stay way from doing hard works at home. Another thing is that through resting, you will prevent the virus from reaching your family or co- workers. Read books, watch television, and take a nap for a quick recovery.

  1. Honey

Try to make cough syrup for yourself by mixing a cup of ¼ honey and ¼ apple vinegar. You can pour it on a jar or bottle and be sure to tightly seal it. Shake well before you use it every other four hours. You take 1 tablespoon.

  1. Salt
  2. Washing the molecules like cytokines can reduce nose swelling during cold. You can make use of water or saline drops and have a single drop on your nostril. You can do this five up six times.

You can try the simple home remedies, you can just see for yourself if it is effective. Many people claiming these to be effective other than medical cure.