Cockroaches are a common problem of many homes as well as offices. Though these bugs come on their own, you cannot expect them to leave your house unless you take some preventive measures. If you are tired of applying different failed measures to get your house free from cockroaches, you can now try this trick.

You can find several measures to keep your home free from cockroaches. However, all of them are not quite effective. Even if some helps in eradicating cockroaches from your home, they cannot stop the return of these bugs. Many also do not like poisonous effects and strong smells of the cockroach killers. However, if you follow the idea mentioned here, you can completely stop worrying about cockroaches.

Simple recipe for cockroach removal

Take one raw egg yolk and mix around 50gm or 1.7 oz. boric acid in it. Boric acid should be in powdered form. Keep stirring the mixture till it becomes thick and make small balls from it. Once the balls dry after an hour, you need to place in the corners of every room, including kitchen and bathroom, where you find cockroaches. As these balls are safe for health, you can keep them in cabinets, closets as well as shelves. Just make sure not a single place is left and see the magic. As soon as the cockroaches come to check what’s inside the ball, they will be completely neutralized because of the boric acid. Not just they will be neutralized but also they will not be able to refrain others from doing the same mistake. The best thing is if they touch any other cockroaches, they will be infected with boric acid.

Though the process is safe and effective, it requires some patience, as the cockroaches may not start dying from the first day. Yet, you will be happy to see a heap of dead cockroaches in a month’s time. Not just that, cockroaches will not come to your place again and in case, you see cockroaches again from the eggs left in the house, just repeat the same procedure.

Balls made from boric acid can be used in homes with pets or kids, as these are harmless for all. As these do not have a strong smell, you can easily use them in your office. Boric acid is known for several dis-infection works and is free from any kind of toxic elements. If boric acid is not available in powdered form, you can use its solution, which has 3% boric acid, as these are easily available in pharmacy at a cheap price. Yet, someone using the solution should increase its quantity to 100ml for one yolk. Boric acid is completely non-toxic and can be used at ease.

Source: Fine Living Advice