Knee pain is a problem that a large number of people have to experience with their growing age. At times, it can even impair you from your regular movements. If knee pain is making your life stressful, here are eight simple exercises, which can help you in making your knees stronger. Robin McKenzie lists the exercises from the book ‘Treat Your Own Knee’.

All the exercises listed below should be repeated every couple of hours, till you go to bed.

Sitting Active Knee Extension- Sit straight in a chair and keep your feet flatly on the floor. Now, slowly lift the feet with painful knee and make it straight till the quads get contracted. Hold this position for two seconds and return to the starting position.

Standing Knee Extension- Stand and place the heel of your pained knee on a step of low height. Try to reach it slowly using both hands and place them above your knees. Now, push yourself slowly while keeping the knees straighten. Stay for two seconds and get back to the original pose. If you feel any pain in knee’s outside, keep the foot turned inward and vice versa.

Sitting Knee Extension- Take two chair. Sit on one and place the heel of the paining leg in another chair. Both chairs should be of same height. Now, point the toe of the leg straightened on the chair and then gradually makes the leg straight. Retain the position for a couple of seconds and return to the starting posture. Then move forward both of your hands and keep them on the knee. Now, push the hand slowly while keeping the knee straight so that you get a little stretch. Retain the same position for a couple of seconds and return to the initial pose.

Sitting Knee Flexion- Sit straight and slowly bend your knees. Place both hands above your ankle and try pulling your leg toward your chest. Also try to get your heels toward buttocks and retain the position for a couple of seconds. Now, return to original position.

Kneeling Knee Flexion– Place a cushion or towel on the floor and kneel on it. Place the hand on the front-side by touching the floor and kneel back on your heels till you feel a stretch. Hold the pose for two seconds and release to get back to the starting pose.

Standing Knee Flexion- Stand and rest the foot of paining knee on a stool. Slowly lean toward your front so that your buttocks get pushed toward heels. Hold the pose for a couple of seconds and get back to the starting posture.

One Legged Knee Bend While Standing- Stand and bend the leg with knee pain. Support on a chair placed by your side and try to get the pain free leg lower till you feel a tension. Also place the knee’s center pointing to the front and hold the position for two seconds. Repeat this at least 10-15 times daily for the best results.

Chair Squat Knee Strengthening Exercise- Stand straight in front of door with feet and shoulder stretched wide apart. Keep a chair behind you and sit slowly. Hold both sides of door handle and move back till you get firm tension in your knee muscles. Practice it for 10-15 times everyday and see the difference.

Practice the exercise regularly and lead a pain free life.

Source: Secretly Healthy

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