Too much flab can make your appearance unappealing. The flabby underarm and lower back can make a lady look uglier. It feels very uncomfortable to wear the bra. Dieting harder may not be a solution to this problem. Without proper workout sessions, it can become really difficult to get rid of the bulging flab content. There are certain effective exercises that can be done to get rid of the situation.

These workouts are easy and less time consuming in nature. These workouts can be done at your residence. You simply need to have a pair of resistance bands or some light hand weights. If you can’t manage these, then you can perform these exercises empty handed too. But you need to be serious in the workout session. These exercises need to be regularly done. You will definitely see the difference in your body structure after a couple of weeks.

Pushing the arm

This workout involves stretching your arms to the fullest on both the sides of the body.  The arms should be stretched fully with palms facing a forward position. Now lift them slowly over your head simultaneously. The hands should never go beyond the shoulder level. Finally, bring back the arms in starting position. This should be done for a total of 3 sets of 10 reps in each set.

Circular rowing Bent-Over style

This is a very effective exercise to develop your lower back and lose out on the flabby part. The starting position should be your body bending in a 90-degree arch while your legs should be shoulder-width apart. This is an isolation exercise where you need to work out with one hand at a time. You need to hold the dumbbell or some kind of smaller weight with your hand and move it towards the other hand in a slow manner. Then lift it up, and then start to move the hand towards your chest. Then get back to the actual starting position while following a continuous circular motion. Repeat this entire process for 10 times. Take a break of 10 seconds. Again do another set. Take again a break of 7 seconds. Do again another set. Relax.

Kissing the Elbow

Spread your arms on both the sides with palms facing up. Arms should not go beyond shoulder level. Fold each of the arms to create a 90-degree angle in an upward position. Now, you need to swing both the folded hands to the front. The hands should remain close to the elbow. The forearms should touch on the sides. This again should be done for a total of 3 sets with 10 repetitions per set.

Reverse Fly the Crisscross way

Take a shoulder width stance with your legs while being slightly bent at your knees for additional stability. Then you are required to bend forward making a 90-degree angle with the head facing down. Hold dumbbells at both the ends while the palms facing each other. They should be slightly bent at elbow level. Start raising your hand to a level slightly lower than the shoulders. This needs to be done for 2 sets of 8-10 repetitions per set.

Source: Health&Love Page (Republished with permission)