Often you must have bought a room freshener or some other related products from the store to make your house look clean and smell good. These can be an amazing way to make your house feel fresh and having a good impression in front of your guests. But the thing that you do not know is that such products happen to contain various chemical items and toxins that are responsible to cause a number of health issues such as headaches, respiratory issues and also dizziness.

But this does not mean that you cannot make your house smell good the next time. There are also other natural ways using which you can easily get a refreshing environment at home and that also without compromising upon the health of your loved ones. This is an easily prepared air freshener at home that saves money as well as is also not harmful for health.

To prepare your room freshener, you will need a jar that has tin lid. Along with this you will need empty container of candle, screwdriver, hammer, fork, baking soda and essential oil.

Empty the candle container properly with hot water and soap and carefully remove all the labels. Now fill almost 1’4 part of the empty jar with the baking soda and also sprinkle some of your favorite essential oil on it. Mix this well with a fork.

Add a tea candle in the middle and your air freshener is ready either for the bathroom or your bedroom.

There is another option where you need to close the jar tightly with the tin lid and make five holes on it using the hammer and the screwdriver. Now follow the method as mentioned before to make your air freshener.

This air freshener can be ideal for all the rooms in the house.

Source: Life Prevention