Sciatica and low back pain are issues that are faced by a good number of population, across the globe, thereby increasing the number of painkiller addicts. Fatalities are increased because of drug overdose, as physicians tend to diagnose opioid drugs when treating such ailments, which may even lead to death, instead of prescribing physical activity.

Increasing addiction or drug abuse

If the person experiences anxiety/depression and back pain simultaneously, then he/she may develop addiction to Opioid.

According to scientific studies, chronic lower back patients have been noticed to show symptoms and signs of depression or anxiety. During the study, which lasted for about half a year, patients took placebo, morphine or oxycodone for suppressing pain.

Lesser positive effects and more side effects had been witnessed among those patients, who had been dealing with depression and anxiety and showed drug abuse.

When compared to those having low anxiety or depression level, then they are said to experience half improvement and 75% more abusage of opiod. Therefore, it becomes essential for the symptoms related to depression and anxiety to be diagnosed before prescribing pain killers.

Triggers of Back pain

Pain can be eased and prevented by having the cause to be identified. Back pain might be caused due to a certain move, however, it could lasts for days together and may be because of some of the overlooked triggers such as fatigue, alcohol abuse and copulation, etc.

Accidents and sports injuries also may lead to back pain, coupled with poor posture and physical inactivity. But, identifying back pain triggers is not that important for treating and avoiding its future occurrence.

What is to be done?

Relaxing the back and mind is necessary when experiencing back pain. Acupuncture, chiropractic care and ice can be used for the purpose. Anti-inflammatory remedies can be checked out like ginger, boswellia and curcumin before using painkillers.

Trying to rely upon specific natural techniques such as Emotional freedom technique (EFT) can solve the issues

How Sciatic Nerve Pain is treated?

It is a common ailment and occurs when there is pinching of sciatic nerve in the lower back. Stretching is regarded to be a wonderful type of exercise to have the pain effects to be limited. Different types of exercises could be tried out to derive relief.

Eliminating back pain by refraining sitting

Pain can be avoided from occurring in the neck, back and shoulders by maintaining a proper posture. Standing is stated to be a better way to do away with pain in the back.

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