Hair maintenance & treatment is a difficult process, not to mention that it is extremely expensive. Most people today prefer to use cosmetic and artificial means for hair related treatments and ignore natural remedies & products, which have been found to be extremely effective for centuries. One such a natural product is Castor Oil. Hair issues like scalp infection, dandruff, spots, acne etc. can all be treated by using Castor oil. Castor oil is also known to increase blood circulation when applied on the scalp and therefore improves hair growth. Well-nourished hair will be more elastic and durable and there is good hair growth with minimal hair fall.

Castor oil contains recinolic acids which fight infection and other scalp & hair related problems and which creates a better environment for hair growth. Vitamin E, proteins and amino acids in the oil nourishes the hair and makes its smoother & silkier. Castor oil also prevents hair from tangling and addresses split ends.

A simple remedy from dandruff is to use something know as the castor oil mask. This will clean your hair pores and help improve hair growth.

Steps to follow:

  • Heat Castor oil
  • Part your hair into two equal halves.
  • Apply the heated castor oil in your scalp and roots
  • Gently massage your scalp and roots. This will help improve the blood circulation.
  • Tie your hair and cover it with a shower cap if needed and let it stay overnight
  • Shampoo your hair the next day and clean the remaining oil

It is recommended to use this mask at least once a week for a whole month to see an improvement in hair growth. You may add grape seed oil or olive oil to castor oil in case you find the smell unpleasant.

Source: Home Healthy Recipes