Olive oil has many health benefits. The mono saturated fatty acid that is present in the olive oil is important to different parts of the human body and that is why the oil is recommended to be eaten on a daily basis.

Research revealed that a diet rich in olive-oil minimizes the risk of the occurrence of having of type 2 diabetes. The oil is very good for bone health, wellness, and weight-loss. Regular consumption of the oil also helps in boosting the brain health.

The composition of olive-oil

The olive-oil is mono saturated fatty acids. The acidic attributes of the substance add to its bitter taste. It has zero carbohydrates, zero proteins. It has traces of hydrogenated-fat in it. The oil has vitamins E and K that is very good for the skin. It is good for the overall health of the body.

What is the extra virgin olive-oil?

There are different brands or classes of olive-oil. But it is difficult to understand the one which is healthy. However, the buyers choose to buy the items from the product that offers them quality item at affordable prices. But the virgin olive-oil is a totally different thing. There are 4 grades of the virgin olive-oil. The lowest quality of the oil is used for soap making and not suitable for consumption. The additional virgin olive oil has the highest grades of the oil that has superior fragrance and taste.

A bunch of fake olive oil is sold in the market with a tag of extra virgin oil. So, if you want to purchase the oil next time for consumption then better be careful.

But then how can you differentiate between fake oil and an original olive-oil. If you taste the two, then you will not be able to understand the difference between the two. Therefore, you require other ways to differentiate between the fake and the original.

How to prevent circulation of fake olive-oil?

The fake olive-oils can be a combination of more than one type of oil. As an instance, a part of the sunflower oil is mixed with another part of pure olive oil, other extra virgin olive-oils. The so called extra virgin olive-oils can be a substandard mixture of various olive-oils from different countries. So while purchasing the olive-oils, it is important on your part to check the tags of extra pure, extra virgin.  

In the market, you can find numerous acclaimed brand advertising olive oils that are actually fake. So it is important to stay cautious while making any type of purchases in this regard.

How to know that an olive-oil is fake?

There are certain tips you can try to distinguish between original and fake oil. These tips are mentioned as follows:-

After purchasing the extra virgin olive oil, you can perform a few easy steps to detect if the oil is genuine or fake.  An easy examination is to cool the oil and when it strengthens then it implies that it has mono-saturated fats in it. This does not rule out the presence of other oils and other type of adulterations in the olive-oil. But if it neither does nor strengthens at all then it is not extra virgin oil at all.  

The extra-virgin olive-oil keeps the oil lamp flammable. However, this is not an accurate examination. If the oil does not light oil lamp for a significant period of time, then it is not at all an extra virgin olive-oil.

The best option is to purchase the oil from the farmers. It is because they are supposed to provide the quality products to the customers.

Therefore, while purchasing the olive oil you require going through the products carefully, checking their constituents and other relevant things. You can also check online stores for the products, check user reviews and testimonials for the products. If you know individuals who have made purchases of such items, then discuss with them and take their feedback as such feedback can prove to be quite useful in purchasing of the products. There are brands which are acclaimed for offering quality products to their customers and so you as a customer need to use the products of trusted brands only.

Source: Healthy Food Team