The FDA, as per Associated Press has confirmed that the drugged chickens have been positive tested for inorganic arsenic.

The FDA after years of avoiding this issues has admitted at last that arsenic, a toxic chemical that causes cancer, is found in chicken meat sold within the USA, when on high doses can prove to be fatal. The truth is that the chicken feed is added with it on purpose! IATP’s report, way back in 2006, reported that over 70% of the chickens in the U.S., raised top derive meat are fed with arsenics for improving its weight faster on less feed and to provide the meat with a perceived appearance of being healthy.

Inorganic arsenic has been absorbed by half of the chickens, in toxic form, has been found in their liver by the FDA. The agency has instructed Pfizer to have Roxarsone to be not produced, based upon this finding, as this arsenic containing drug gave the meat bright pink hue, upon being added to the feed to fatten the chickens.

Reports from Wall Street Journal:

“A research has been conducted recently by the agency taking 100 broiler chickens, which had detected higher levels of inorganic arsenic found in its liver, treated with 3 Nitro, when compared to those untreated chickens. By early July, 3-Nitro sale was expected to be stopped by Pfizer for allowing transition to alternative treatments for animal producers.

FDA still continues to deny, although the arsenic containing product had been called off the shelves, claiming that chickens having arsenic in them were of very low quantity and was safe to be consumed. It is contrast to its own statement, which states, arsenic increases cancer risk, as it is a carcinogen.

Arsenic is not good for human health and according to the warnings issued by the South Carolina University Dept. of Environmental Sciences, arsenic combined with mercury and lead can lead to negative neurological effects on young children and developing fetuses. When compared to Mercury, Arsenic is four times poisonous. Than Pentavalent AS +5, trivalent Arsenic AS +3 is found to be toxic by more than 60 times.

An American Medical Association Journal reported that arsenic-tinged rice consumed in large quantities, due to absence of other common arsenic exposure, significant cellular changes had been noticed to be linked with development of cancer.

Ingested arsenic, as confirmed by several reports could cause invasive squamous cell-carcinoma; Bowen disease; skin related basal cell-carcinoma and internal cancer found in the liver, bladder, kidney and the lung.

Even after this, it is advised by FDA that cancer-causing arsenic is safe to be eaten, however, drinking elderberry juice is dangerous!!

Source: Natural News