Experts of the Feng Shui system advise that we shouldn’t put anything under our beds when we lie on them or when we sleep, for two reasons; the subconscious mind absorbs more energy at this time because it is wide open, secondly, while you sleep your unconscious mind absorbs energy from the things you keep under the bed and that is not good. So, the art of Feng Shui advocates that you keep an open space under your bed to allow for a steady channeling of a stream of energy throughout your body at night. There is, however, an exception to this.


Always keep the space under the bed clean and empty

The exception to the “anything beneath the bed” rule is EEN. We are allowed to keep a “treasure box” under the bed. In the Feng Shui system, a “treasure box” is a tool that allows us to send precise desires and intentions thus opening our unconscious “Me” so that our wishes can be fulfilled.


What is the box made of?

The type of box you decide to use largely depends on your wishes. However, you have to note that the box will create a higher or lower energy vibration depending on the quality of the box you get. So quality is very important. For instance, a solid lid box will create energy that is more stable and secure, while an open box will denote a more “open” energy. Depending on your desires, both of these boxes are equally perfect. When it comes to the type of material, wood indicates ground and carries the energy of growth and activity. When it’s finely lined, with silver, gold or imitation gold, or decorated with stones, this heightens the sense of richness. Earth or ceramic material conveys a power of care and attention.


What can I put in the box?

The answer to this question is simple – items that can make you happy. The main reason why you are doing this is to find items that appeal to you in life and at the same time inspire your happy moments. So, put things that will encourage the fulfilment of a specific desire in your life. For abundance and money, put items like gold jewelry, crystals, different money bills, or gold coins. Do not put ordinary coins. To attract love put red candles, scented creams, essential oils, and natural scents in the box. No matter where you put the treasure box, you will feel its impact energy as long as it’s placed beneath your navel. This signifies a direct energy “feed” from the inside of the box, just like a mother will feed a fetus by way of an umbilical cord. Always ensure that every three months you refresh and review your “treasure box”.