The thyroid is one of the most important glands in the body of a person, situated in the neck in the butterfly-like form. Since it influences all of our metabolic processes, it is essential to take care of our thyroid gland health and secure it from all potential threats. According to the research published on the Thyroid Awareness website, approximately 15 million of American citizens have a thyroid malfunction without even knowing it!

The main issue when it comes to the tyroid malfunction is the fact that the symptoms are often gentle and unnoticable; even the doctors may have problems detecting it when not being thorough enough. We present you some of the most common thyroid malfunction symptoms that can help you determine whether you have reasons for concern:

  • You’re constantly exausted, in spite of the fact that you’re getting enough sleep
  • Your mood changes regularly and you often feel depressed
  • You suddenly gain pounds and can’t seem to lose them
  • Your hormons are running wild
  • You’re having constipation issues
  • Your feet are cold and there is frequent muscle pain
  • Your skin is moistureless, you’re losing hear and/or you’re neck is swollen
  • You’re having memory issues and losses
  • You’re snoring

Now that we have presented some of the typical symptoms of tyroid problems, we offer you some simple solutions that may help solve the problem:

  • Eliminate gluten from your diet
  • Sleep regularly (at least eight hours a day)
  • Take iodine and multivitamins
  • Learn how to relax (maybe start practicing yoga)
  • Improve your gut health
  • Remove amalgam fillings
  • Cut down on fluoride, cruciferous vegetables, and chlorine
  • Make sure to see your doctor regularly for a routine check

Another piece of advice: A blood test is of crucial importance for receiving a good read on the shape of your thyroid and in order to check for problems in its functioning.

Article and Foto Source: Health and Love Page