A Saggy tummy can be an eyesore. Many people get really frustrated when they look at their skin sagging. Most of them believe that the best solution is expensive and elaborate spa treatments that leave a big hole in your walled. But here we bring to you a simple and effective homemade therapy that can be used to tighten your saggy skin.

The best part about this therapy is that almost all the ingredients are surely to be available in your house.

What is needed?

  • Oil
  • Clay
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Hazel extract

All of these products are known to contain very good restorative properties that help the skin return to its original shape. In this case, these ingredients would be made into a masque which would be used as an astringent to tighten the skin. Coffee and tea are very rich in tannic acid, which helps protect skin.


Mix the oil, tea, coffee and hazel extract and stir them till they become a single mixture. Now add the clay and stir to make this into a paste like compound.

This paste can be used on the areas where the skin is sagging just like a moisturizer. Use this paste for a few weeks and you will notice a significant difference.

Source: Health Tips Portal