In addition to protecting against cardiovascular disease and preserve the health of the skin, it has been shown that almonds melt fat around your stomach…


According to the latest study, published in the journal “Journal of the American Heart Association,” only 30 grams of almonds a day instead of other snacks, rich in carbohydrates, is enough to reduce the fat in the stomach.

The experiment involved 48 people who are divided into two groups. During the six weeks they were on the same diet that has only one difference – one group for lunch had 30 grams unsalted raw almonds (253 calories), while the other group received a banana muffins with butter (273 calories). After a two-week break came the second part of the experiment – it lasted six weeks, but now the diet groups were replaced.

The results showed that a diet that included almonds significantly decreased the levels of cholesterol in the blood of participants, thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, which is in a way to be expected. However, what surprised the researchers was the fat loss in the stomach. Although the weight of respondents remained relatively the same, their waist circumference was reduced.

“We were very excited about what is so significant changes followed for such a short period. I believe that the result of the efforts of omega-3 fatty acids, and in addition, almonds contain numerous other nutrients like vitamin E, fiber, protein, etc., “says Claire Beriman, chief scientist of the research team.

Although during the studies used 30 grams, Beriman points out that those who eat almonds every day should keep doses containing 160 calories. “Even half the recommended dosage will have a beneficial effect on your body,” says Beriman.

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