This vitamin is a type of prevention of everything.


The important role of this vitamin was discovered in 1997. Although you certainly heard of K1 (found in leafy, green vegetables such as spinach and kale, and has a role in blood clotting), K2 certainly not. Simply put K2 plays a key role in directing calcium only where necessary.

This role is the product of “mutual cooperation” enriched vitamins and other nutrients, most commonly vitamin A and vitamin D. Why K2 is important?

Because it is involved in many functions in the human body, and is especially important for women. Dr. Kate Rhéaume-Bleue, author of this vitamin, says: “This vitamin is a type of prevention of everything from wrinkles to cancer. Many women did not need a supplement of calcium, or vitamin K2 will maintain calcium levels in the normal range. Everyone is talking about vitamin D, but without vitamin K2 we do not have the benefits of vitamin D, we have even more good than harm. “

– Bone health: it is well known that calcium plays a significant role when it comes to bones, especially their density.

– Dental health: dental caries, tooth sensitivity and other problems can be reduced or prevented by introducing vitamin K2 through nutrition.

– Cardiovascular system: formation of clots in the blood, is a consequence of the lack of just vitamins K2. It calcium deposits into clots, so it is imperative that we take enough K2 redistributed calcium out of the arteries and veins.

– Wrinkles: When you see a woman in years, with a perfect complexion, know that it certainly does not lack of vitamins. at the same time, signs of aging (wrinkles and sagging skin) associated with bone health.

– Health veins: varicose veins are in cardiovascular disease, and the calcium which is located in places where it should not be, is the cause of health problems.

Sources of Vitamin K2?

The best source of vitamins, including this, is the food. However, foods that contain this vitamin are not often used. So make sure that you enter the foods containing K2, which is in front of the magnesium when it comes to the importance of vitamins.
– Then (fermented soybeans)
– Goose liver
– Dairy products originating from animals that are fed exclusively on pastures
– Cheese, specifically Gouda and Brie, because they have the highest concentration of vitamin K2.
– yolk

Why Deficiency common?

Precisely because it is the largest concentration of this vitamin in the products they seldom consume, and which instead consume processed foods.