Reparatory conditions are difficult to deal with. They can cause so much physical discomfort to the patients. Asthma is one such an ailment that is relentless in its attacks. It is causes when the bronchial tubes are enlarged and results in an inflammation. This causes a suffocating sensation. Even the slightest of disturbances or discomfort to their lungs cause a major problem with muscles getting tightened and severe cough & breathlessness accompanying the attacks.

Inhalers are the best companion of most asthma patients, but they can cause potentially harmful side effects because of the chemicals that it contains, which include steroids. A better alternative would be to consume a healthy diet and try to cure asthma in a natural and healthy manner. This can help to lower allergic reactions, reduce inflammation and can also make the mucous very thin in the lungs, which will improve breathing.

The most important nutrient that is required for good lung health is Vitamin C. It is food that prevents infections and can also greatly improve lung capacity. Carrots and celery are the best foods that can naturally increase Vitamin C in your body.

Here are some great recipes that offer plenty of nutrients and essential Vitamins and will reduce the possibilities of asthma attacks.

  • Beetroot (Medium size) – 1 + Lemongrass (3 sticks) + Lemon – ½ + Cucumber – 1
  • Cucumber – 1 + Capsicum – 2 + Watercress – ½ bunch + Pineapple – ¼ + Lemon – ½
  • Fennel – 1 + Radish – 3 or 4 + Lemon – ½ + Kale Leaves – 8 to 10 + Pineapple – ¼
  • Green Apples – 2 + Lemon – ¼ + Parsley – One bunch + Spinach – One bunch + Celery – 6 ribs
  • Lemon juice – A squeeze + Wheatgrass juice – 1 shot
  • Cranberries – 1 Cup + Pomegranate – 1 + Strawberries – 2 cups

Now here is a list of foods that you must avoid to prevent asthma attacks:

  • Soft Drinks, i.e. aerated
  • Alcohol
  • Vegetable oils such as safflower, sunflower and corn
  • Citrus fruits
  • All animal products, includes meat and dairy products

Just a small change in your overall diet can ensure that you can live a happy, healthy and asthma free life.


Source: Health Advisor Group