There is a series of recommendations and suggestions on how to reach the final destination: happiness. Some are worth listening to, some are not. However, there are those coming from specific scientific research, proven on a number of individual examples and they are shared with you today.



When you think you have nothing to be grateful for, thing deeper and you will find small or big things that make life more beautiful and better. The reason why being thankful works to improve your happiness lies in the fact that gratitude encourages the secretion of dopamine and serotonin, which influence the state of happiness.



Feeling sick? Find a name for that feeling.  Anxiety?  Sadness?  Rage? It may sound funny, but one study found that appointing or recognizing feelings changes their negative impact. If you suppress feelings, they will be back. If you describe what you feel in a few words, it will be easier to get rid of that feeling.



Do you feel a relief after making a decision, regardless of the consequences? Scientists have shown that the adoption of conscious decisions reduces stress and worry. They go even beyond and tell us exactly what kind of decisions we should make – good enough. The tendency toward perfectionism can be very stressful so it is important to be aware of the fact that it only matters that the decision is good enough. Otherwise, the brain consumes too much energy and emotion and creates a feeling which is difficult to control.



Babies survive thanks to the touch, so it is no surprise that you need closeness and acceptance of others. These little things greatly influence the amount of individual happiness. Touching the releases oxytocin, the love hormone, thanks to which you will be overwhelmed with the feeling of happiness. Touching is not necessarily always in the form of hugging, even simple patting can have an effect.


Truth is we often let our happiness depend on someone or something outside of ourselves. While this can make us happy, we cannot base our happiness on others.  Happiness in our own hands – you decide how you will be feeling today!