Many people suffer from hemorrhoids. Along with that there is pain; bleeding and defecation feels like you are passing glass. There are natural remedies to bring down and give relief to people suffering from this condition.

Some of them are

Use clean underwear

 Always wear clean underwear. Change it often. If you suffer from hemorrhoids that cause bleeding and leaking, it is better to take an extra pair of underwear with you wherever you go. Make sure to use underwear made of loose cotton. The cotton prevents the itching that can arise from sweating.

Garlic cloves

Make small suppositories of garlic cloves. Grind them and mix them with olive oil. Coconut oil can also be used. Freeze them.

When you want to use, take one suppository and insert it into your rectum. It may sting a lot, but it does not burn. It will only make the area numb.

Take a warm sitz bath

A very effective treatment for outer hemorrhoids is to take a warm sit bath for 15- 20 minutes. Do this thrice a week. It will reduce the swelling and tingling. It will also reduce the hemorrhoids and purify the butt-centric crevices.

For this, use some warm water with salt. Any kind of salt can be used- Epsom salt, cooking salt or ocean salt. Pour the warm water and salt in a big bowl or shower and sit in it after your solid discharge. You can also buy a sitz shower which you can fix to your toilet seat and use. It is available with drug specialists.

Ice cubes

Ice cubes can be used exteriorly or gently inserted into the anus. This reduces the swelling and cools the region

Use stool softeners

These should be used if you are straining too much while passing stools. If the stools are not smooth, the region can swell up and cause discomfort. ‘Colace’ is a softener which can be used to help with defecation.

Change your clothes frequently

Change your clothes frequently if you suffer from hemorrhoids. This is because blood, mucus or feces can dirty your clothes. After the dirt dries, germs can infect the clothes. Even though you cannot see the germs, they can be transferred to the person who sits in your place after you get up. Thus, try changing your lower clothes like pants often.

Use witch hazel

Witch hazel can be used thrice a day. It can be reduced to once a day when the condition becomes better. Apply it using cotton or a soft tissue swab.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can be used similarly as witch hazel. Apply it with cotton, soft tissue or your hand thrice a day. Reduce it to once a day when you feel better. Aloe Vera gives a soothing feeling.

Fiber rich food

Eat food rich in fibers. Whole grains, raw fruits and vegetables are some examples. They prevent hemorrhoids, soften your stool and reduce the strain. It is also used to treat diarrhea and IBS.


A very effective way for people with hemorrhoids is to take half a tablespoon of nutmeg before and after going to bed.

Drink plenty of water

Avoid caffeinated drinks like colas and sodas. Drink lot of water to soften your stools and stay hydrated. You can also drink flavored water by adding oranges and lemons to it.

Exercise regularly

Practice some form of exercise every day. Physical activity improves bowel movement and digestion.

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