The articles would speak about the ways in which we can make a quicklime water mixture. Quicklime is also a well known solution for cancer as well as leukemia. Though it may not taste as nice as real lime, it definitely has various benefits.

Lime Water recipe

Take a pound of quick lime in the solid form and then place it in about 1.3 gallons of cold water in a bowl or a pot. It is advisable not to use stainless steel for the mixture as it may have some reactions. Leave this mixture for about 24 hours and then strain the mixture. Drink the strained water and throw the rest of the lime. This mixture should be stored in glass bottles. This lime mixture should be drank 1 cup per day. It is best if you can drink this mixture twice a day on an empty stomach and avoid eating anything three hours after that.

The second dose of lime water should be consumed just 12 hours after that on an empty stomach. We should not eat anything three hours before or after that. If you are unable to drink this water, you can add about 0.2 cups of yogurt in the cup of lime water. This lime water should be held between three to six months and it is recommended for all people who are suffering from diseases like cancer, leukemia as well as other kinds of serious diseases. Lime water is also good for healthy people as well.

Making a sodium bicarbonate bath

The quicklime drink was recommended by a woman who was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and had no chances of surviving. She drank this mixture on a regular basis and now she is totally cured. Besides drinking quick lime water, she also made a bath of sodium bicarbonate and also stopped eating all sorts of sugar products. In order to prepare a sodium bicarbonate bath you need to mix a tub of water with 1 pound of baking soda. Sit in the tub for around 1 hour and also add hot water if required. People in the older times used Quicklime water to clean animals before preparing a meal.

Other ways of preparing lime water
Take about 1.5 gms of calcium hydroxide and dilute the same in 1 liter of water. This is slaked lime. Make this lime solution and then drink it as before. You will definitely feel the difference.

Source: Health & Love Page