Skin care is an essential one as the whole body is covered with skin. It works as a barrier and helps from other harmful wounds. Some of the diseases that our skin witnesses are Fibroma and skin warts and they are very stressful

They look likes cancerous tumors and sometimes they look unattractive. Here are the homemade remedies to remove Fibroma and skin warts:

Fibroma and skin warts

Fibroma grows in any place on our body. They usually grow inside the mouth, the feet, the eyelids, the ovaries or the noses. They also grow on the place where trauma occurs.

Moreover, the Fibroma that grows on the feet is called ‘Plantar Fibroma’. They can be of different shape, size and can be hard or soft.

Soft Fibroma: It is formed with skin cells and in general, people think of the keloids as Fibroma.

Hard Fibroma: It forms with connective tissue and in many cases; it grows because of a dense scar tissue or after an injury or a trauma.

Problems with Fibroma:

People might think that common warts as Fibroma. In fact, the bacteria from the family HPV or Human Papilloma virus may cause warts. It is contagious and can be transferred from one to another through skin contact.

It can be transferred by a chance, if two persons use same outfits or a sponge. People have doubt as Fibroma as tumor or cancerous legions can consult a doctor. Sometimes, Fibroma can have negative impact over the blood vessels or the area surrounding the tumor.

Medical check up:

Consult a doctor, if you have doubt that you are infected with Fibroma. Check whether it has affected bones, muscles or the blood vessels or not.

How to remove Fibroma:

Remedy 1:

If you want to remove Fibroma, use apple cider vinegar. It helps you to clean your skin without Fibroma tumors. Try this homemade remedy in winter season as low light and cool air can be creating perfect conditions for their removal.

Second remedy:

If you want to remove them, take a cotton ball and dip it in cider vinegar. Then, rub gently on the Fibroma and use a bandage to tape the cotton ball. Leave it for 15 minutes and remove the excess vinegar from the skin.

You have to repeat this procedure for 3 times per day. Within couple of weeks, Fibroma will be disappeared. After noticing scabbing, you can stop the treatment. However, scab will come off naturally.


If you want to protect your skin healthily, use a lotion with SPF 15. Otherwise, you can also use butter that helps to reduce the scarring.

There are other home remedies that will work wonders on your skin. Use baking soda with castor oil and make it a paste. Apply it on Fibroma to get better results.

Final note:

Remember, you not only need costly treatment to gain shining and clear skin. You can try out these kinds of homemade remedies to gain natural and shiny skin!

Source: Choose Healthy Life