Tea has a large number of health benefits. Here you will get to know how tea can help you in protecting against colds, flu, diabetes and even the deadly disease cancer.

Recipe for making tea with honey, ginger and cinnamon

Ingredients required:

  • Fresh ginger cut into thumb-size
  • Fresh lemon juice- 2 tablespoons
  • Ceylon cinnamon- 1 stick
  • Organic honey raw- 1 teaspoon
  • Filtered water- 1 ½ cup

Preparation tips

Take boiling water and add the gingers in it. Get the flame in simmer as it gets boiled and leave it for sometime. Add cinnamon while simmering the mix and continue simmering for another 5 minutes. Now, get the mix strained in a teacup. Add the lemon juice and honey to get antioxidants as well as vitamins and drink.

Now take a look on the health benefits of honey, ginger and cinnamon tea:

Diabetes- Studies have proven that consuming lemon and ginger tea can help in reducing the adverse effects of diabetes. The high antioxidant level of this tea in turn can help in checking the risks of kidney diseases, stroke, eye disease, high blood pressure as well as cardiac diseases, which are often associated with diabetes.

Cold, Flu and Nausea– Presence of antioxidant and vitamin in large amount makes the tea effective in fighting against flu, cold and nausea. It not only helps in prevention but also speeds up curing process.

Heartburn and indigestion– Upset and bloating stomach can be treated using ginger, which in turn helps in healing heartburn or indigestion. To get relief just drink this tea after your meal.

Fight cancer- Ginger is known as the one of the most important natural remedies for fighting against cancer. This tea can help you in checking cancerous cell growth. The high amount of antioxidants help on dealing with repairing of damaged DNA cells and fighting free radicals.

Menstrual cramps, headaches and inflammation- Ginger is known for curing inflammation. It is also an excellent choice for blocking prostaglandin.

Dry scalp treatment- Dry or itchy scalp can be quite annoying. Rich in vitamin A, C as well as antioxidants, drinking this tea can help you forget these problems completely.

Source: Healthy LifeStyle Base